Human resources and new technologies for cutting-edge services

Innovation plays a key role at SAGA, which has a research centre to develop new solutions, high-tech systems and patents, with special attention given to training highly specialised personnel in-house.

This is why a new company, PCM S.r.l., was founded in 2018 to deal specifically with research and development and training. The hardware and software divisions of the PCM laboratories work continuously to improve all maintenance and finishing work processes, developing new technologies and supervising the efficiency of welding metals.

SAGA’s innovation process follows the Industry 4.0 model in its facilities and at worksites. One example is its development of robotic systems that receive instructions and programs remotely and enable automated data collection.

The goal is to increase the flexibility, efficiency, safety and speed of services, promoting connectivity and moving towards smarter automation.

A great deal of attention is given to planning and monitoring activities, through a management portal which guarantees maximum transparency for all SAGA customers.

For SAGA, innovation is also synonymous with training: investing in new generations is one of the strengths of the company and its corporate vision focuses on young people and their constant Professional development, in order to guarantee an ever-increasing quality of work.