RSW System®: an automated frog regeneration system

The (Rail Switch Welding) RSW® system is a SAGA European patent. This fully automated robotic system regenerates both built-up crossings and austenic manganese steel frogs. It restores turnout frogs to their original conditions, as designed.

The system has two anthropomorphic robots, a Yaskawa Motoman HP20D for welding and a Yaskawa Motoman ES165D for milling. The robotic island has two separate work areas in which the robots work simultaneously.

Robot 1

The milling robot uses an electro spindle to rotate the tools that will be used for machining. The speed of the spindle motor is controlled by the robot itself. A mechanical probe is mounted on the robot’s wrist at 90 ° from the rotation axis to take measurements during the probing cycle

Robot 2

The grinding robot is interfaced with an automatic welding machine, to recall welding programs and manage the welding machine itself. It also features a needle skimmer and compressed air for slag removal.

Technical features

Maximum precision

Each phase, from the study of the frog to the actual maintenance, is carried out scrupulously, with the utmost attention to detail, in a safe work environment under controlled conditions.

Monitoring & certification

All activities carried out by the system are monitored and certified