Developing human resources: training, specialisation and work placement

As well as developing new solutions, SAGA is also committed to training. The professionalism of its services is a company strong point and investing a great deal of energy in specialised training for young staff means being able to guarantee increasingly rapid and efficient work.

56,3% of SAGA’s entire workforce is made up of skilled workers with specific qualifications obtained through in-house training courses.

For SAGA, innovation means investing in the future and in new generations. 40,5% of employees are aged 30 and under and the average staff member is 32,6 years old.

Averge employee age
Employees aged 18-30 years
Skilled employees

Figures as of October 2020

All training is managed and coordinated by PCM S.r.l, a SAGA Group company, in partnership with the Italian Institute of Welding (IIS). New employees are offered highly specialised 2-year courses, including over 3,000 hours of training.

A unique path for advanced specialisation

New staff are completely trained in-house. All courses are certified and guarantee the acquisition of basic and specialised skills: from different types of welding to driving work vehicles, with a final phase of mentoring from experienced staff lasting 6 months

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Certified in-house training with support from 9606-1 qualified personnel

Introductory welding courses with 80 hours of theory and practice.

EN ISO 9606-1 qualification

A professional welding qualification issued by the IIS according to the EN ISO 9606-1 standard. This is followed by mentoring/experience with APME qualified personnel on site.

EN ISO 14732 qualification

A professional welding qualification with automatic tools issued by the IIS and followed by certified in-house training with on-site mentoring.

EN ISO 9712 qualification – Level II

Certification for nondestructive (NDT) testing personnel using penetrating liquids issued by the IIS. This is followed by mentoring /certified experience with qualified personnel on site.

EN ISO 9712 Extension

An extension to the nondestructive (NDT) testing personnel qualification for the railway maintenance sector.

NDT Audit – Level III

ANSF 02-2012 regulations and rev.01 09/2018 require the continuous use of an NDT level III in order to certify the skills and knowledge of an NDT operator. Checks are performed in-house by SAGA every six months.

APME professional qualification

This qualification (RFI course and certification) allows staff to carry out weld repairs with automatic systems approved on RFI railway lines or in the workshop.

MDO professional qualification

The qualification allows the operator to drive a vehicle for which he/she is qualified, during track possession.

MI.MEPC professional qualification

The qualification enables the operator to carry out all executive tasks related to the protection of worksites during track possession.