SAGA has carried out maintenance work on a number of turnouts for RFI in four stations on the Brennero-Fortezza railway line.

SAGA has completed a series of maintenance works on behalf of Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI), the Italian railway infrastructure manager, to maintain full working efficiency on the Brenner-Fortezza line. This infrastructure is a strategic axis for national mobility and part of an international railway corridor linking Italy and Austria.

Work involved Brennero, Bolzano, Prato-Tires and Ponte Gardena – Laion stations over a total 90 km of line. In just four days of outage, SAGA repaired 80 turnout frogs using an automatic welding system: an average of 20 daily repairs made possible by efficient organisation and its partnership with RFI.

The company optimised work to minimise the impact on the line. Thanks to its flexible maintenance activities it was able to operate without compromising the work of the other companies on the same section of railway.