Tram track curve welding

Safety for urban mobility guaranteed

Maintenance on tramline curves re-establishes the correct gauge at a point where the track is particularly subject to wear. Curves naturally follow the radius of curvature of roads. Rolling stock causes a large amount of wear to the track due to intense contact with the road.

However, replacing grooved rails is extremely complicated, due to how deeply they are embedded in the road surface, as well as the urban and economic impact. This is why SAGA offers maintenance through rail welding, with completely automated machinery that guarantees rapid, precise work.

The track is repaired by submerged arc welding, on both sidewalls of grooved rails if needed.



Work is carried out by automated machinery and monitored in real time, in compliance with all welding parameters.


Total output, including reprofiling the welded track, is 5 m per hour.


Smaller work sites and less time spent on maintenance mean regular urban traffic flow and a fully operational line.

Lower maintenance costs

Weld repair is far less costly than replacing track.