Sustainability as a corporate strategy: environment, safety and work practices

Every day SAGA renews a vitally important commitment to developing innovative systems that can also create a sustainable development model. Finding solutions to the environmental challenges of today and tomorrow is fundamental for the company, which aims to create value for clients, for society and for the community, while respecting the environment.

As an industrial institution increasingly immersed in its surrounding social and economic fabric, the company has a concrete commitment to the local area and the environment, also via its integrated management system, which ensures that all standards are completely respected.

The same attention is given to safety and personnel management. Developing human resources through training courses, using experience to create new solutions and guaranteeing optimal working conditions for each team means meeting customer needs, as well as the expectations of staff, with increasingly improved results in transparency and quality.

Respect for the environment

Developing systems to minimise environmental impact is of vital importance for SAGA. The company follows a sustainable industrial model in its offices and at worksites, focussing on optimal waste management, a gradual reduction in emissions and the total elimination of waste.

The commitment to making the company greener is also reflected in its awareness of efficient communications, paper management and staff movement. Over the years, work systems have been developed to eliminate paper use, create immediate information sharing and facilitate agile work from anywhere.

All operating machines and company vehicles meet the most stringent regulations in CO2 emissions. There are no vehicles below Euro 6 in the SAGA company fleet.

The local unit and offices are completely energy self-sufficient. The photovoltaic system installed in Scurcola Marsicana produces around 100 kWh.

Transparency & quality

SAGA’s online management system ensures maximum transparency and traceability of work carried out for all its customers. Via the portal, each client is able to monitor current and past activities, fleet circulation in real time and all digital documentation relating to equipment and safety. In addition, a QR Code is placed on each rail at the end of the process through which the client can consult the complete worksite report

Health & Safety

Safety and health are at the heart of the SAGA project, and the company invests in advanced training to better protect staff and in workplaces that meet standards. As a demonstration of its commitment to these issues, SAGA has obtained UNI ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Certification.