Rapid work in a wide range of situations guaranteed

Whatever the extent of maintenance work, it must be carried out in complete safety with the right technology. SAGA uses the best vehicles and equipment on the market, which offer advantages in resistance, efficiency and sustainability.

The fleet is a wide range of Mercedes vehicles. Individual applications are created in-house to give the machines a high degree of specialisation for specific maintenance activities.

Each vehicle is designed to put humans at the centre and ensure maximum safety for the operator. All vehicles are Euro 6, to protect the environment, comply with the most stringent regulations on pollution and freely access areas under environmental protection.

The entire SAGA operating fleet is equipped with GPS and status detection systems, interfaced directly with the management system. This means that the position, path and speed of work can be monitored, as well as offering 6 months’ storage and a scan of the vehicle’s operating status.

A flexible and constantly growing fleet

Road–rail vehicles

Made up of Unimog Mercedes trucks and transformed by SAGA into dual-mode vehicles, which can move on rail tracks and roads to carry out frog repair in track possession.

This multifunctional solution optimises time without being subject to the limitations of transfer via the railway network. The fleet includes 11 vehicles with the necessary frog repair equipment. The Unimogs can also be equipped with an on-rail turbo cutter to free the railway line from snow and ice.

Trucks for tramway maintenance

A Mercedes-Benz Econic truck for work on tramway networks that is ideal for operating in urban centres. This fast, powerful and reliable truck offers very high quality standards even in extreme traffic and mobility conditions. The driver’s cab with panoramic windows and intelligent assistance systems allows activity to be performed effectively and ensures 180 ° visibility. Its ergonomic access and descent system also guarantees maximum operator safety.

Mobile workshops

Each SAGA worksite is equipped with a supporting mobile workshop. These are real mobile warehouses useful for field work, replacements, and material and spare parts storage.