Maintenance as science

The future of mobility includes substantial challenges: guaranteeing infrastructures that can reduce distances, offer safety, efficiency and sustainable urban transport, but also networks that can support the constant growth of rail traffic.

In light of this, SAGA’s aim is to be a point of reference in the railway superstructure sector, striving to ensure maximum-precision, science-based maintenance that minimises human error.


Efficiency and innovation on the same track

SAGA’s industrial and production system is based on concrete solutions and services that provide efficient responses to a client’s concrete needs. Its specialised working method guarantees the best rail and tramway maintenance services, with complete respect for the environment, the strictest safety standards, work traceability and maximum transparency for stakeholders. The company’s main strengths are efficiency and innovation.


Innovation is synonymous with constant research into new technologies. This is achieved through continuous experimentation to develop innovative solutions, new patents and systems that guarantee quality, high output and safety.

Highly specialised maintenance services and concrete investments in the future, in research and, above all, in advanced training courses to develop new human resources that make their own contribution to a dynamic and growing company.

Efficiency means knowing how to best adapt to different operational scenarios, with flexible and standardised solutions and highly qualified and interchangeable teams. All this has important advantages, such as the optimisation of time and resources, with the utmost respect for the customer’s needs.