Technological innovation at the service of customers

To guarantee its customers maximum traceability and transparency, SAGA’s Research and Development Division has developed an in-house online management portal, an efficient monitoring system to observe work in real time.

Clients use the portal to check the progress of maintenance works and the circulation of the vehicle fleet, as well as view all documentation on safety, qualifications and equipment used.

The management portal is divided into three different interfaces.

Work report

This section contains all reports and information related to the type of work carried out, the team involved, the technical specifications and any urgent work. In the event that work cannot be carried out, the user can also check the reason why.

In addition, once maintenance work is complete, a plate with a QR code and an RFID is fixed to the rail. This refers directly to the end of work report and can be read by any tablet, handheld device or by the RFI diagnostic train.

The same section also allows access to the control and testing plan, which contains all the control phases to be carried out according to the client’s operational specification.

GPS Tracking

Thanks to GPS and status detection systems on SAGA vehicles, this section can be viewed to monitor all the movements of the SAGA fleet on the rail network. It can scan the operating status of each vehicle and provide all information and individual specifications, from the revision status to the team to which it entrusted.

Additional information

This section of the portal allows customers to generate statistical data or carry out targeted searches. The number of frogs repaired can be checked and it offers other useful information.