Frog regeneration off-site

The most efficient, precise frog regeneration

Regenerating frogs off-site means that even the most worn frogs can be recovered and re-used without limitations. SAGA guarantees the utmost precision, via a completely automatic robotic system with the very highest efficiency and output: the RSW System®, a SAGA European patent.

In the workshop, a team of two anthropomorphic Yaskawa Motoman robots repairs built-up crossings and austenitic manganese steel frogs. All work phases are automated and, on completion, the original geometry of the rolling surface is restored.

As well as all the renewal work, SAGA also takes care of transport, including loading and delivery at the client’s destination of choice. All work can be monitored in real time and all welding phases are documented in a work report.


Utmost precision

The RSW System® robot team ensures accuracy and precision down to the smallest detail thanks to a controlled environment and the quality of numerical control.

Lower costs

Frogs removed from the infrastructure are completely regenerated and can be reused with no limitations.