SAGA completed maintenance work on the Brenner-Verona railway line on August 15th, 24 hours ahead of schedule

Maintenance work on the Brenner-Verona railway line has ensured greater traffic safety on a strategic section for cross-border mobility, connecting Innsbruck to Verona. The 275.9 km of infrastructure are also fundamental for the transport of goods from Austria to Northern Italy.

The main activities

Infrastructure maintenance and upgrading work on behalf of the RFI began on 10th August. The focus of the activity was the weld repair of turnout frogs, with 84 frogs repaired in just 6 days.

Work was completed on August 15th, 24 hours before the contract deadline, although the operating scenario was initially a complex one. To minimise the impact on a line with particularly intense, constant traffic, the total interruption of the line saw a large number of works performed simultaneously in the same space.

The mobility of SAGA worksites was fundamental to the project’s success and made it possible to operate from one station to another without affecting the other companies involved. In 5 days, more than 2,800 km of transfers were covered, without hindering other work and facilitating all maintenance activities, guaranteeing quality and, at the same time, saving a considerable amount of time and energy.