Maintenance involved eight railway stations leading to the Swiss border and ended well ahead of schedule.

Maintenance work on the Iselle-Arona section (the Domodossola-Milan railway) involved eight different stations on the important cross-border link connecting Brig-Glis, a Swiss municipality in the Canton of Valais, with Italy. The whole project ended ahead of schedule, mainly thanks to SAGA’s speed, effective collaboration with the other companies involved and the advanced technologies used.

Goals achieved

Maintenance on the Iselle-Arona section was completed in under a month. The work, which began on August 16th, ended on August 26th, well ahead of the contract schedule. SAGA was the first to complete its work, in full compliance with the high quality standards required. The weld repair of built-up crossings and austenic manganese steel frogs involved eight different stations.

At the end of the project, 150 frogs were repaired using effective solutions and working on a tight schedule. Flexibility and speed were vital, together with a spirit of collaboration that allowed SAGA to work proactively with the other organisations involved and fully meet its output targets.