Work on Milan’s tramway has ended, with excellent results in terms of safety and urban mobility.

Maintenance work on the Milan tram network was completed in 2020, almost a year after the start of the ATM contract. The project involved repairing the sidewalls of the tramway rails. It was an important challenge for SAGA: guaranteeing maximum safety for all activities in an extremely busy city like Milan, as well as carrying out work without interfering with normal urban mobility.

Phases and results

The work, which began in 2019, involved repairing the sidewalls of grooved rails on the ATM tram network. A series of work was carried out rapidly, without affecting normal urban mobility in the city. At the end of the project, 5,200 m of curves were repaired by welding, thus contributing to the safety and maintenance of the Milanese tram network.

In addition, the work scenario involved a challenge that was far from easy: allowing the team to work in complete safety in a crowded city centre like Milan and, at the same time, to work rapidly and precisely, without negatively affecting circulation.

To this end, SAGA has made various improvements in the performance of its machinery, optimising equipment used during the work. A special, fully automated welding system was also developed for the project, which made it possible to follow the profiles of the grooved rail independently.